Cosmetic packaging must not only communicate aesthetics, but must also equate to brand identity. Because packaging is the first thing consumers see after receiving the delivery, it has a great impact on shaping the perception of the product. Part of building cosmetic brand awareness is associating it with emotion. Since it is not a survival product, in order to meet the needs of enhancing the appearance. Packaging must inspire this emotion to enhance the customer’s unboxing experience.

Xinyuan Environmental Packaging provides professional and beautiful packaging solutions for the cosmetics industry. Xinyuan environmental protection honeycomb paper packaging can provide outer protection for products and avoid surface abrasion. The honeycomb wrapping solution consists of an outer layer of die-cut kraft paper and an inner layer of liner paper, transforming the eco-friendly wrapping paper into a three-dimensional honeycomb structure that becomes a unique packaging tool. During the winding process, these honeycombs of different angles form self-locking without the need for tape bonding.


Our Solution


High quality die-cut kraft paper combined with a tissue interleaf – a strong and shock-absorbent material with superb cushioning and protective characteristics, surpassing traditional wrapping solutions.


Paper can be packed in any configuration. A small footprint means machines can be placed at anyworkstation.

Cost efficient

Less material is needed to provide optimal protection.


Environmentally friendly, curbside
recyclable and biodegradable.
D800 hand paper machine
D800 hand paper machine
Portable box video
Portable box video
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