Honeycomb Packing-Manual Paper Pulling Machine-D800

Honeycomb Packing-Manual Paper Pulling Machine-D800


The D800 is ideal for the packaging process. Since it is a manually operated unit, flexibility is added. Plus, it can be placed anywhere without using electricity.

This packaging system can cover the transport protection of a variety of products, such as: in e-commerce environments, in express packaging, in warehouse logistics workbench The main goal is to maximize ease of use, while providing customers with a perfect unboxing experience, is The ideal target for this solution.

Beautifully packaged: The perfect display improves the customer's unpacking experience, beautiful and environmentally friendly.


Flexible application: can be placed in any packaging location.


Cost-effective: Reduced material handling and packaging volume takes up less storage space.


Our solution

Reliable and practical

Safe and reliable equipment effectively reduces costs and damage rates. The device can be used without prepayment

Unboxing experience

Perfect combination of packaging performance and appearance to enhance customer experience. The unique appearance of honeycomb paper helps to enhance the brand image.

Improve efficiency

High-quality die-cut kraft paper, with colorful lining, transforms into a sharp tool for cushioning and shock absorption, which distinguishes it from other traditional wrapping solutions.


Honeycomb packaging paper is sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable, and is a perfect substitute for plastic packaging. Contribute to the recycling of social institutions and improve corporate brand reputation, which is a role model and standard for future sustainable development.
Technical indicators    
converter die cut paper interstitial paper
Tear Mode: Manual Tear weight 50-80gr/㎡ weight :22gr/㎡
weight :6.5kg  Colors: Brown, White, Black Color: White (Standard)
size :66*32*21m length:50m-250m length:800m
Power: Non-Electrical Units width:38cm(15") 58cm(20") thickness 38cm(12")


No matter where you're shipping your products from around the world, we want your products to be better protected during shipping. Of course, we should choose more environmentally friendly materials.

Environmental protection
Environmental protection
D800 hand paper machine
D800 hand paper machine
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