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With the rapid rise of cross-border e-commerce, the warehousing and logistics of e-commerce play an indispensable and necessary role, and its existence brings great convenience and undeniable credit to terminal online shopping users. Xinyuan's one-stop packaging solution can meet a variety of packaging requirements and can effectively solve new packaging solutions. The performance of kraft paper cushioning, filling and wrapping allows warehousing staff to greatly experience the improvement of efficiency and the reduction of costs. Our kraft paper packaging solutions can help e-commerce warehousing platforms design and solve a wide variety of products and express delivery of different sizes and weights. Simplify the packaging station process and increase production capacity, so that each customer can calmly respond to future challenges.


Our Solution


High quality die-cut kraft paper combined with a tissue interleaf – a strong and shock-absorbent material with superb cushioning and protective characteristics, surpassing traditional wrapping solutions.


Paper can be packed in any configuration. A small footprint means machines can be placed at anyworkstation.

Cost efficient

Less material is needed to provide optimal protection.


Environmentally friendly, curbside
recyclable and biodegradable.
Environmental protection
Environmental protection
D800 hand paper machine
D800 hand paper machine
Portable box video
Portable box video
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