Honeycomb Packing-Automatic Paper Drawing Machine- D810

Honeycomb Packing-Automatic Paper Drawing Machine- D810


The D810 is an electric stretcher that delivers smooth paper output, saves time and effort, and improves overall packaging speed and packaging throughput. It is very suitable for e-commerce, logistics outlets and store merchants with fast packaging needs.


Convenient and efficient

The different angles of the honeycomb shape form a snug fit when packaged without the need for tape or glue to bond.

Protection and Enhanced Cushioning

Honeycomb paper packaging can be used directly, or it can be used with lining paper, so that the wrapped object is not easy to be scratched and enhances the cushioning effect.

Diversified packaging

Honeycomb carton liners are available in a variety of colors to perfectly match packaging performance and appearance.


Our solution

Reliable and practical

Safe and reliable equipment effectively reduces costs and damage rates. The device can be used without prepayment

Unboxing experience

Perfect combination of packaging performance and appearance to enhance customer experience. The unique appearance of honeycomb paper helps to enhance the brand image.

Improve efficiency

High-quality die-cut kraft paper, with colorful lining, transforms into a sharp tool for cushioning and shock absorption, which distinguishes it from other traditional wrapping solutions.


Honeycomb packaging paper is sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable, and is a perfect substitute for plastic packaging. Contribute to the recycling of social institutions and improve corporate brand reputation, which is a role model and standard for future sustainable development.
Environmental protection
Environmental protection
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