Dangling scheme

Suspended packaging uses two layers of highly elastic and non-slip film to position the product in the box. This packaging method protects the product from collision, provides continuous protection for fragile products, and fully guarantees the product throughout transportation. In the process even after repeated drops are protected from damage. The suspended film is fast and durable, and can be used repeatedly. Hanging packaging is characterized by simple assembly and product visualization. The packaging design can be used for the packaging of various similar products. The fastening film is suitable for the transportation of various accessories, accessories and vulnerable industrial parts. It is also very adaptable in terms of warehousing and logistics.


product advantages

Reliable and practical

Safe and reliable equipment effectively reduces costs and damage rates. The device can be used without prepayment

Unboxing Experience

Outstanding in-the-box presentation and unpacking experience. it attractive
interleaf layer enhances branding, including optional colors and custom-printed logos and designs.


Honeycomb wrapping eliminates tape andcutting. It reduces transportation, handling and storage costs, thanks to smaller pre-pack dimensions.


A sustainable, biodegradable, and
recyclable alternative to traditional bubble. Helps recycling centers and improves brand reputation – an excellent way to prepare for future regulations on sustainability
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