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E-commerce platforms for healthy food and beverages will show a double-digit upward trend by 2022, and the application of cold chain will also increase rapidly. The cold chain solution of the salary source packaging is the good thermal insulation performance of the ice pack technology, which provides excellent protection for the perishable products such as seafood, meat and wine.

When you need to transport temperature-controlled food, you must take into account the diversification of sorting, handling, storage, and logistics and final delivery. During these halfway transportations, the outer box and the food will undergo a high temperature change. The ice pack cold chain technology of salary source packaging is specially developed to deal with this kind of environment. Xinyuan Packaging has developed a set of standard packaging solutions for food that needs to be stored at low temperature, which can help customers meet and solve 90% of their needs. Our professional R&D personnel will make every effort to find the best quality packaging solutions for customers, and provide customized packaging solutions according to the different needs of customers.


Our Solution


High quality die-cut kraft paper combined with a tissue interleaf – a strong and shock-absorbent material with superb cushioning and protective characteristics, surpassing traditional wrapping solutions.


Paper can be packed in any configuration. A small footprint means machines can be placed at anyworkstation.

Cost efficient

Less material is needed to provide optimal protection.


Environmentally friendly, curbside
recyclable and biodegradable.
D800 hand paper machine
D800 hand paper machine
Portable box video
Portable box video
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