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2022 China·Guangzhou International Packaging Products Exhibition

The 2022 International Packaging Products Exhibition will be held in a cycle: once a year, this exhibition will be held on March 04, 2022, the venue of the exhibition is China - Guangdong - No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou - China Import and Export Commodities In the Pazhou Complex of the Fair, the exhibition area is expected to reach 130,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors will reach 100,000, and the number of exhibitors and participating brands will reach 1,600.     Faced with the pollution of plastic waste, the earth is overwhelmed, and various natural disasters are not uncommon. The problem of global warming has always plagued our planet. Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility. With the arrival of 2022, countries around the world have successively promulgated policies to limit and ban plastics. These policies will be fully implemented and implemented to curb pollution from the source.   It has become a habit for everyone to use plastic packaging. You can see traces of plastic being used in express delivery stations, markets, etc. The world consumes an average of 1 million plastic bags every minute, and the total annual plastic consumption in the world is 400 million tons. China consumes more than 60 million tons. At present, only 14% of the plastic packaging in the world is recycled, and only 10% of the plastic waste is effectively recycled. About 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year, all of which can circle the earth 420 times. This is where Dongguan Xinyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. comes in. Our innovative paper solutions are 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable, and they benefit the environment. The paper material is FSC® certified. This certification ensures that suppliers manage the forest's biodiversity, productivity and sustain ecological processes.   Honeycomb paper is processed from kraft paper, pulped with wood fiber and chemically, and then put into a beater for beating, and then added with sizing materials, dyes, etc. Honeycomb liner, when packed with honeycomb paper, can provide reliable buffer protection for the wrapped items while reducing the use of materials, so that the items are not damaged during transportation and reduce costs. The honeycomb paper packaging is exquisite and beautiful, which can give customers a good unpacking experience.   It is a great honor for Xinyuan Company to have the opportunity to participate in the International Packaging Products Exhibition. The exhibition time is March 04-06, 2022. The booth is located at B06, Hall 12.1. We sincerely invite you to participate!    

Have you heard of the new environmentally friendly honeycomb buffer packaging?

  The current network can be described as only you can't think of it, and you can't sell it without it. Anything that customers want to buy can be found on various e-commerce platforms, and because of this, those fragile items that are difficult to transport have joined the big family of online shopping. Even if they break easily in transit, consumers keep buying.   Therefore, it has become a headache for various merchants to make the goods reach the customers in good condition. Want to find low-cost cushioning packaging that is strong and protective without being objectionable to customers. Environmentally friendly buffer honeycomb wrapping paper can meet the requirements of various businesses. The cushioning effect is very good, it is made of 100% pure wood pulp kraft paper.   Honeycomb kraft wrapping conveys a sustainable concept and offers a green solution to the packaging. Since its material is made of paper, in addition to expressing the characteristics of being environmentally friendly and recyclable, it also provides a green packaging solution. Applicable to various specifications of products, fit the product shape, without tape or cutting. Honeycomb wrapping paper can be used quickly and flexibly for product packaging, and can easily handle seasonal peak shipping periods, improving the convenience of packaging.     Unique Packaging Results Presentation Using gift honeycomb paper, you can create a unique unboxing experience for your customers. Surprise their purchases with items packaged like real gifts. Your customers will feel valued. The main goal of packaging is to keep the damage rate to a minimum. Honeycomb paper provides your customers with suitable packaging for fragile goods and protection with high satisfaction rates.   When using honeycomb paper packaging, due to its flexible packaging method, it can be used with a variety of methods to effectively protect the goods from damage during transportation. Also, there is no need for packing tape to secure the pack, as the angled honeycomb structures easily lock together. Can be extended 1.68 times the length. In addition, there will be further cost savings due to reduced material handling, less storage space and cost-effective packaging.    

Cushioning Principle of Grid Filled Honeycomb Cushioning Wrapping Paper

  Honeycomb buffer wrapping paper is widely used in the packaging and transportation of furniture and electrical and electronic products. What makes honeycomb cushion wrapping paper so strong for packaging and shipping? 1. The buffer mechanism of honeycomb buffer paper has an important relationship with the rheology of honeycomb paperboard, energy consumption mechanism and gas; 2. The main components of honeycomb buffer paper are paper and the fillers and compounds that make up the paper, which have different physical properties; 3. The mechanical properties of paper are different from elastic or plastic objects, and also different from ideal fluids; 4. When the paper is deformed by force, it will show certain elastic deformation characteristics, and it will show the viscosity of the fluid, which is the so-called viscoelasticity; 5. According to the rheological point of view, the paper buffer material has viscosity and elasticity, that is, it can be assumed to be a substance composed of two elements: elasticity, viscosity and plasticity; 6. As a buffer packaging material, honeycomb buffer paper is a buffer material that is subjected to external force during the cycle and can absorb the energy generated by the external force to prevent product damage; 7. Honeycomb buffer paper is highly compressed and recyclable and degradable; 8. The main component of the honeycomb buffer paper is the raw wood pulp kraft paper material. Therefore, the honeycomb buffer paper has the high viscosity viscoelasticity of typical materials, and it is a combination of some viscous liquids and elastic solids;
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